Culinary School Finder

It’s hard to imagine a more universal aspect of culture than cooking. Different methods of sourcing, preparing, cooking, and presenting the food we eat are meaningful for various cultures around the world and throughout the ages. Today’s cooks continue to find new recipes and explore nuances to old favorites. The fusion of the modern culinary scene is still built on foundational principles traced back to discrete cultural heritages. If you’re looking to build your skill set through culinary schools known for specific themes, this is the place for you. Here are some of the areas we want to cover as we develop the Culinary School Finder:

French Cooking Schools

French cooking has become a highly refined art due to the culinary traditions that have been developed and perfected over the centuries. If you want to be part of this legendary history, then you may want to enroll in a cooking school that teaches the French classics. You will learn the French cooking techniques that have become staples of the culinary world and perfect them for yourself with hands-on training. At our featured culinary schools, you’ll be able to focus on French cooking while still learning cuisines from around the world. Check out the links below to learn more about French cooking schools.

Italian Cooking Schools

Pizza! Pasta! Wine! At Italian Cooking Schools you’ll learn the basics of the Italian cuisine and perfect your technique and style with specialized hands-on training. Your courses at our featured schools listed below will detail the specifics of cooking Italian food and teach you about other cuisines from around the world. If you’ve always dreamed of making an amazing alfredo, the perfect pesto, or great fresh pasta, then Italian Cooking Schools could be right for you. To find out if they are, simply click on the culinary school links below and request complimentary information on the programs of your choice.

Mexican Cooking Schools

Are you tired of trying to find a good Mexican restaurant in the Midwest or the Northeast? Do you want to open one? Or do you just want to learn to create the spicy, flavorful cuisine in your own home? Whatever your reason, Mexican Cooking Schools are your key to success, either in your career, your kitchen, or both. At the featured cooking schools below, you’ll have a hands-on learning experience that will allow you to perfect your technique and your personal style with Mexican food as well as with cuisines from around the world. Browse through the links to find out which program is right for you!

Thai Cooking Schools

Thai food has exploded in popularity worldwide, which is probably why you’re reading this now. As you probably know, Thai food combines the highlights of many Eastern cuisines: stir-fried dishes from China, Muslim coconut, sauces from Malaysia, sticky rice and rustic bitter flavors from Laos, etc. You can learn to make dishes from these ingredients and more if you enroll in one of our featured culinary schools below, where you’ll have the opportunity to perfect Thai as well as many other dishes from around the world. To find out more about Thai Cooking Schools, check out the links below.

Vegetarian Cooking Schools

Are you passionate about cooking? Do you enjoy vegetarian or vegan food? If you answered “yes” to those questions, then you should consider Vegetarian Cooking Schools. All of the programs suggested below offer detailed segments of class time devoted to vegetarian cooking. You’ll also learn about other dishes and foods from around the world.

The vegetarian and vegan culinary space is a very niche area, and the demand for vegan and vegetarian dishes continues to grow. There is a lot of opportunity for budding culinary arts professionals to make their mark in this area by creating new and exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes. The fabulous part of the vegetarian and vegan cuisine is that it does not fall into one type of cooking — it is possible to come up with vegetarian dishes and vegan dishes in foods of all cultures and cooking types.

If culinary arts interests you, and you want to ensure that vegetarian cooking will be a part of your curriculum, choose from the culinary schools listed below. Simply click on the links suggested and you’ll receive complimentary information about the programs of your choice.

Pastry School

Are you passionate about pastries? Enrolling in a Pastry School could be exactly what you need to develop your pastry making techniques. You’ll learn the fundamentals of ingredients, consistencies, proportions, and chemical reactions while receiving the hands-on training you need to perfect your style. You will gain your culinary degree by working through puff pastries, fillings, cookies, tartlets, specialty yeast dough items, basic syrups, creams, icings, pie categories, and much more.

Become a pastry chef today! Check out the Pastry Schools below to learn more about your options, and request free information from the featured schools of your choice.

Baking Schools

From sophisticated génoise cakes and puff pastries, to traditional farmhouse bread and sugar cookies, the world of baking is an attractive venture for many culinary arts students. Baking schools are the first step towards a rewarding career in the field of culinary arts or pastry making, providing specialized courses and a hands-on program of study. Famous chefs and bakers experienced their first successes with training and classes at a baking school, and many continue to teach and educate students through baking programs around the country.

Baking schools provide hands-on training so students can learn the fundamental skills in baking, cooking, and dessert preparation. Instead of sitting in a classroom, students can learn through demonstrations, practice, and tests that require them to create various desserts, cakes, pastries, and apply different techniques. Since many bakers and culinary artists pursue work in a professional environment or open their own business, baking schools also provide business and management courses.

Restaurant Management School

Restaurant Management Schools work hard to integrate managerial theory with practical, hands-on training so that when their students graduate to the working world they will not only know what to do, but how to do it as well. You’ll learn essential management techniques and basic culinary skills because you will be in charge of ensuring that everything within the restaurant, people and food, runs smoothly. If you’re looking to take charge of the culinary experience, what better way than through Restaurant Management Schools?